BackyardFilms: Service Description

We provide a high-quality outdoor home movie setup, perfect for a safe, social distancing group viewing. Our service includes a professional-grade movie projector, projector screen, and sound system. We download any movie the customer desires on an iPad beforehand to ensure the highest quality experience. All movies from streaming services are also available (e.g. Netflix, HBO Max). Standard arrival time for our team is 7:45 PM, and the movie will be ready at about 8:00 PM, but the customer can request any setup time. Our team will return to pick up the equipment after the movie has finished. The cost of our rental service is $130 a night including one pre-downloaded movie of the customer’s choice. We accept payment in cash and through Venmo and PayPal.

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Menlo Park

Connor Spackman:
Danny Salinger-Brown: (650)-353-0828

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